A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

About: This game was made in order to test knowledge of libgdx collisions within Android Studio in a week. The game was programmed and created by Huajun Liao and Elise Ferkler.

SI@UCF Info:

The Yin yang symbol has been separated! You must avoid obstacles, collect suns and moons, and help each other to reunite. Can be single or two-player.

Once the game starts, you must move the player (located on either side of the screen) using A, W, D, & S or the arrow keys to get to the middle of the screen. Don't touch the walls that are the same color as you. Collect all the suns and moons in order to advance to the next level and use the gray boxes to help you complete different challenges of each of level.

Some difficulties we faced when developing our prototype was determining the placements of each wall and the suns and moons. Since each side is mirrored both along the x and y axis, the only way to figure out where to set the position of the obstacles are through trial and error. Another difficulty was figuring out the particle effects for when the yin and yang locked positions and when they die. The black particles were not showing up, and we solved this by disabling additive blending.

In the future we plan on creating an abstract class to put all the coding for the levels into so that we do not have as much repetitive coding in each level. We would also create more levels and make them more intricate and challenging if we had more time.

Thank you to Matthew for helping us with the development of this project and we thank Kyle Dencker for teaching us the concepts of game development within Java and Android Studio.

Install instructions

Download and then run the executable jar.


Meet.jar 12 MB